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Technical and Strategic Consulting

Technical Consulting

Today’s competitive business environment requires the continuous availability of your IT systems, applications, and data. Your employees, customers, and business partners expect that the information, products, and services they need will be available when they’re needed.
Busch Data Consulting Services offers a holistic approach to evaluating your environment and making improvements. Our framework is a layered model that helps your business achieve resiliency and identify risks and vulnerabilities. This approach helps identify cloud and traditional IT solutions and threats to your business operations. We will recommend solutions to help manage those risks and measures to enhance or establish your resiliency program.

Strategic Consulting

We can help if your project or business is in trouble. Our primary focus is technology, but our real business is solutions. We can help you with strategic advice and guidance to achieve a goal or get out of a jam. We have a long history of successful client/vendor and vendor vs. vendor negotiations.


 Our process involves:

  • Analyzing the issue through research and interviews

  • Identifying present and future opportunities and challenges

  • Making recommendations that fit your style and goals

Our recommendations do not come in a five hundred-page report; we will sit down and work on the problem together. We offer a 30-minute free consultation to determine if our skillset or Rolodex (look it up if you are under 40) can fix your problem.

We Integrate With Your Company Culture

Company culture is paramount for a company to thrive. We do not use the term "outsource" at Busch Data. Our staff will immerse themselves into your culture and be a part of your team.

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