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Service Level Agreement and Response Times
Busch Data will end support of on-premise servers on 6/30/2023.

Support Hours

Monday through Thursday, 7 am-5 pm Pacific

Friday 7 am-4 pm Pacific

We provide after-hours support for urgent requests or emergencies outside our regular business hours, limited to issues that compromise security or critical deadlines. The response time may vary between 1-6 hours. Also, please be aware that there is a minimum charge of one hour for any after-hours work, and the time and materials rate will be doubled during this time. 

How to Request Service

All clients should email to request assistance. You are always welcome to call the IT Service Center at (949) 227-2519 if you cannot email support. Our techs are dispatched via our ticketing system and are required to communicate through our ticketing system. Communication outside the ticketing system is not allowed unless the tech initiates the call or email.


What's covered?
Windows Servers (Azure only after 6/30/23)
Company-owned Windows workstations and laptops - hardware troubleshooting and software support
Company-owned mobile devices and tablets - (setup and troubleshooting) compatibility issues are NOT covered.
Company-owned Networking equipment and firewalls (Network support plan required)
Company-owned Printers and scanners - software and drivers

Azure and Office 365 administration

Password resets - there is a minimum charge to reset forgotten passwords

Additional employee onboarding - Must use a computer currently under contract 

Computer upgrades - User migrations to new hardware are covered (annual limit - 20% of protected computers)

What's not covered?

Any device over five years old

Apple workstations and laptops (See details in the Approved Hardware section below)
Phone systems
Door entry systems
Camera Systems
Alarm systems
Printer Hardware

Home networks and devices. Including monitors, printers, and any device not provided by the company.

AV Equipment 
Any device not owned by the company

Support related to personal use of business equipment or systems

Fixing problems caused by users ignoring restart warnings or reckless behavior. 

Relocation and new location projects

Response to security audits or questionnaires ($200/hr)

Client websites - please get in touch with your hosting company or webmaster

Out-of-Scope Work

Our engineers may provide pay-as-you-go service for systems or devices not covered by your support contract. Please send a request to, and a service manager will contact you.

Prioritization Guidelines and Response Time-frame

Busch Data prioritizes service requests using the following general guidelines but tries to respond to all requests as quickly as possible.

High Priority

A user is affected by a problem and cannot work.

Response Time-frame:

  • Problem acknowledged: within 30 minutes.

  • Problem resolved: within 1 hour, provided the customer provides the necessary information and barring circumstances outside Busch Data's control.

  • Responses may be delayed for non-emergency support requests received after 4 pm pacific time.


Medium Priority

A user is affected by a problem but is still able to work, or there are problems with a service that is still functional.

Response Time-frame:

  • Problem acknowledged: within 2 hours.

  • Problem resolved: within 4 hours, provided the customer provides the necessary information and barring circumstances outside Busch Data's control.

  • Responses may be delayed for non-emergency support requests received after 4 pm pacific time.

Low Priority

Requests, including routine or maintenance tasks.

Response Time-frame:

  • Request acknowledged: within 4 hours.

  • Request resolved: within two days, provided the customer provides the necessary information and barring circumstances outside Busch Data's control.

  • Response to security audits or questionnaires. Responses are usually provided within 7-14 days. All time spent on responses will be billed at our time and materials rate.

***New hire requirements***
Deadline to submit new hire onboarding requests:
Local: 4 business days
Remote: 6 business days to allow for shipping

Add 7-10 days if a new computer is required. 
Note: Onboarding is a labor-intensive process, and we require advanced notice so that this work can be done efficiently. Due to overtime and rescheduling, requests received after the deadline are NOT covered under support contracts, and a surcharge will be applied to time & materials clients.  

Crisis Mode Billing -  We understand technical problems do not follow a schedule. However, please report problems or request assistance promptly. A surcharge for tickets received close to a deadline, late in the day, or Friday afternoon will be applied if rush work or overtime was avoidable. 


  • Support plans do not cover projects. 

  • Busch Data should be informed of IT-related projects early in the planning phase.

  • Projects require a scope of work, and all work must be scheduled at least seven days in advance.

  • All work on projects without proper notification or involvement (Parachute Projectis considered consulting ($300-$500/hr).


Approved Hardware and Software

All hardware and software must be approved before support is provided. Please email with make and model information before purchasing any workstations, laptops, tablets, and large printers. Approval is not mandatory, and technicians will try their best to support other products. All work on unapproved hardware and software will be billed on a time and materials basis. Sometimes, a liability waiver may be required before any work is performed.


Warning: Apple laptops and desktops are no longer supported. The ongoing compatibility issues and long delays in fixing security issues make these products unsuitable for most businesses. We are extending support for devices in service before 8/1/2022. New Apple laptops and desktops will NOT be supported.

Work From Home Support

Support is limited to employer-provided equipment.  

HOME INTERNET WARNING: Please ensure your household's Internet usage is not causing issues before contacting support. Remote work requires sufficient bandwidth, and remote work requires a hard-wired internet connection or interference-free WiFi with a strong signal. Busch Data support is limited to "best effort" when home networks are involved. Time and materials rates apply to all problems traced to home equipment or Internet issues. 

Firewalls and Backup Appliances

All firewalls and Axcient backup appliances are the property of Busch Data. Busch Data hardware is NOT for sale and must be returned when services are terminated. Clients are responsible for the total replacement value if lost or damaged. 

24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

SOC coverage requires a Managed Security contract.

Consulting, Strategies, and Forecasting

Mr. Busch is available for a 30-minute one-on-one meeting or webinar quarterly at no charge for clients with a hundred or more systems under contract. All non-support-related questions and consultations will be billed at our consulting rate. Please note that a retainer must be paid in advance for all engagements over 4 hours. 

We Integrate With Your Company Culture

Company culture is paramount for a company to thrive. We do not use the term "outsource" at Busch Data. Our staff will immerse themselves into your culture and be a part of your team.

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