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Operational & Billing Policies

Support Hours

We are dedicated to serving you Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, and Fridays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific Time. Please note that non-critical tickets opened after 3 p.m. Pacific Time will typically be addressed the following business day.

Holiday Hours

Busch Data is CLOSED on the following observed dates: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. These are Busch Data holidays. We staff according to our clients' hours; thus, support will not be available if your company observes other holidays.

After-Hours Support

We offer after-hours support for urgent requests impacting business continuity and security events.

How to Request Service

Direct all support queries to If email is inaccessible, contact our IT Service Center at (928) 361-6060. All communications must go through our ticketing system to ensure a clear and efficient workflow. Direct contact with technicians is not permitted unless initiated by them.

Support Services

What's Covered?
  • Windows Server support and maintenance (Azure only after 12/31/23)

  • Company-owned Windows workstations and laptops - hardware troubleshooting, software support, and maintenance

  • Company-owned mobile devices and tablets - setup and troubleshooting (compatibility issues are NOT covered)

  • Company-owned networking equipment and firewalls (Network support plan required)

  • Company-owned printers and scanners - software and drivers ONLY

  • Azure and Office 365 administration

  • Password resets - minimum charges apply

  • Employee onboarding - Must use a computer under contract. Two-month ramp for new employees

  • Computer upgrades - User migrations to new hardware (annual limit - 10% of protected computers)

What's Not Covered?
  • Devices over five years old

  • Apple workstations and laptops

  • Door entry, camera, and alarm systems

  • Printer hardware

  • Home networks and devices not provided by the company

  • AV equipment

  • Personal use of business equipment or systems

  • Issues from ignoring restart warnings or reckless behavior

  • Relocation and new location projects

  • Responses to security audits or questionnaires

  • Planned/unplanned power outage preparation and recovery

  • Security investigation/remediation for negligent/reckless acts

  • Monitoring/investigation for management, HR, or legal purposes

  • Security response to foreign login activity without prior notification

  • Training that other departments should have provided

  • Communications with an employee who frequently interrupts with unnecessary or trivial questions 

  • Audits, non-IT conference calls, projects, project collaboration, and communications with third parties

Out-of-Scope Work

Engineers may provide pay-as-you-go services for systems/devices not covered by your support contract. Request service at

Prioritization Guidelines and Response Time-frame

High Priority

  • User cannot work.

  • Response: within 30 minutes.

  • Resolution: within 1 hour, provided necessary information is given and barring circumstances outside Busch Data's control.

  • Non-emergency support requests after 3 p.m. Pacific may be delayed.

Medium Priority

  • User can still work but experiences issues.

  • Response: within 2 hours.

  • Resolution: within 4 hours, provided necessary information is given and barring circumstances outside Busch Data's control.

  • Non-emergency support requests after 3 p.m. Pacific may be delayed until the next business day.

Low Priority

  • General questions, feature changes, software installation, routine or maintenance tasks.

  • Response: within 4 hours.

  • Resolution: within two days, provided necessary information is given and barring circumstances outside Busch Data's control.

  • Responses to security audits/questionnaires: within 10-20 business days. Billed at our time and materials rate.

New Hire Requirements

  • Local onboarding: 4 business days.

  • Remote onboarding: 6 business days (additional 7-10 days if a new computer is required).

  • Requests after the deadline are not covered under support contracts and incur a surcharge.


For smooth transitions, HR or management should open a ticket or contact Mr. Busch in advance. Offboarding should start at least 60 minutes before Busch Data's closing time. After-hours offboarding incurs a minimum one-hour charge at overtime rates.

Immediate Reporting of Technical Difficulties

Promptly communicate technical difficulties or support needs to avoid escalated issues, emergency support, or overtime. Delayed notifications may incur a surcharge.

Unprofessional Behavior

To safeguard employee well-being, a strike system is in place. Two strikes within a year result in support being provided by a manager or company principal at $250 per hour.

Staff Qualification and Consulting Rate Policy

Clients are expected to utilize qualified internal employees. If Busch Data provides education/guidance to unqualified staff, it will be billed at consulting rates.

Gatekeeper Services

Time spent obtaining approval for unauthorized tasks will be billed accordingly.

Shadow IT

Unreported IT service changes/additions will result in account termination after three verified occasions. Work from 'Shadow IT' is not included in support contracts.

Catch-Up Fee

Inquiries requiring background information or catching up on developments will incur a "Catch-Up Fee." Clients must provide comprehensive details upfront.

Company Policies (Client)

Actions or services outside standard policies will be billed as "Out of Scope."

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

All IT-related decisions must be made in coordination with Busch Data. Unilateral decisions compromise security and negate the benefits of our services.

Project Policies

Project Scope vs. Support Plans

  • Support plans are for ongoing support, not one-off projects. Projects require a distinct scope and separate invoicing.

Early Notification

  • Inform Busch Data of upcoming IT projects during the planning phase for optimal results. Late requests will be considered consultation services and billed at consulting rates.

Project Scheduling

  • Schedule all work 30 days in advance.


  • Responding to audits takes 7-30 days, depending on complexity. Time and materials charges apply. Direct non-technical questions to appropriate departments.

Unscheduled Work (Parachute Projects)

  • Unscheduled projects will be billed separately at consulting rates of $300-$500 per hour.

Approved Hardware and Software

  • All hardware/software procurements must be approved by Busch Data. Deviation from recommended configurations will be billed at time and material rates and absolves Busch Data of liabilities.

Apple Laptops and Workstations

  • Support for Apple devices ended on 12/31/2023. Assistance for macOS is provided as-is at time and materials rates.

Work From Home Support

  • Support is provided only for employer-issued equipment. Issues related to home internet or network equipment are subject to time and materials rates.

Firewalls and Backup Appliances

  • All firewalls and Axcient backup appliances are Busch Data property and must be returned upon termination of services.

24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • SOC coverage requires an active Managed Security contract with Busch Data Security Inc.

Account Closure Policy for Clients Selling Their Business

  • Accounts will be closed upon business sale and close of escrow. Clients must inform Busch Data of business sale plans for a smooth transition.

Updated 6/24/2024 

We Integrate With Your Company Culture

Company culture is paramount for a company to thrive. We do not use the term "outsource" at Busch Data. Our staff will immerse themselves into your culture and be a part of your team.

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