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Support Hours
We are dedicated to serving you from Monday through Thursday, between 7 am and 5 pm Pacific Time, and on Fridays from 7 am until 4 pm Pacific Time.

Holiday Hours

Busch Data is CLOSED on the observed dates: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day,

Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

After-Hours Support
We also offer after-hours support because unforeseen emergencies and critical issues can arise outside standard business hours. This service is reserved for urgent requests impacting business continuity and security events. 

How to Request Service

We respectfully request all clients to direct their assistance queries to Should email communication be inaccessible, you may contact our IT Service Center via telephone at (928) 361-6060. 

Our technicians are deployed through our dedicated ticketing system, which serves as our official channel for communication regarding all support matters. All communication must transpire through this ticketing system to maintain a clear, recorded, and efficient workflow. Direct contact with our technicians outside the confines of the ticketing system is not permissible unless initiated by the technicians themselves. 

Tickets must be opened by the individual experiencing the issue unless they cannot use any device. This ensures that tickets and questions come directly from the user and not through an assistant, maintaining accuracy in reporting and resolution.


What's covered?
Windows Server support and maintenance (Azure only after 12/31/23)
Company-owned Windows workstations and laptops - hardware troubleshooting, software support, and maintenance
Company-owned mobile devices and tablets - (setup and troubleshooting) compatibility issues are NOT covered.
Company-owned Networking equipment and firewalls (Network support plan required)
Company-owned Printers and scanners - software and drivers ONLY

Azure and Office 365 administration

Password resets - minimum charges apply to reset forgotten passwords

Employee onboarding - Must use a computer currently under contract. Two-month ramp for new employees.

Computer upgrades - User migrations to new hardware are covered (annual limit - 20% of protected computers)

What's not covered?

Work on any device over five years old.

Apple workstations and laptops (See details in the Approved Hardware section below)
Phone systems
Door entry systems
Camera Systems
Alarm systems
Printer Hardware

Home networks and devices. Including monitors, printers, and any device not provided by the company.

AV Equipment - We do not work on AV systems
Any device not owned by the company

Support related to personal use of business equipment or systems

Fixing problems caused by users ignoring restart warnings or reckless behavior. 

Relocation and new location projects

Response to security audits or questionnaires

Planned and unplanned power outage preparation and recovery.

Security investigation and remediation when negligent or reckless acts are involved. 

Monitoring or investigation for management, human resources, legal, etc.

Security response to foreign login activity if support was not notified before travel.

Training that should have been fulfilled by other departments or expected in the 2024 workforce.

Out-of-Scope Work

Our engineers may provide pay-as-you-go service for systems or devices not covered by your support contract. Please send a request to, and a service manager will contact you.

Prioritization Guidelines and Response Time-frame

Busch Data prioritizes service requests using the following general guidelines but tries to respond to all requests as quickly as possible.

High Priority

A user is affected by a problem and cannot work.

Response Time-frame:

  • Problem acknowledged: within 30 minutes.

  • Problem resolved: within 1 hour, provided the customer provides the necessary information and barring circumstances outside Busch Data's control.

  • Responses for non-emergency support requests received after 3 pm Pacific time may be delayed.


Medium Priority

A user is affected by a problem but can still work, or there are problems with a service that is still functional.

Response Time-frame:

  • Problem acknowledged: within 2 hours.

  • Problem resolved: within 4 hours, provided the customer provides the necessary information and barring circumstances outside Busch Data's control.

  • Responses for non-emergency support requests received after 3 pm Pacific time may be delayed until the next business day.

Low Priority

General questions, feature changes, software installation, routine or maintenance tasks. 

Response Time-frame:

  • Request acknowledged: within 4 hours.

  • Request resolved: within two days, provided the customer provides the necessary information and barring circumstances outside Busch Data's control.

  • Response to security audits or questionnaires. Responses are usually provided within 10-20 business days. All time spent on responses will be billed at our time and materials rate.

New hire requirements
Deadline to submit new hire onboarding requests:
Local: 4 business days
Remote: 6 business days to allow for shipping or local coordination
Add 7-10 days if a new computer is required. 

Note: Onboarding is a labor-intensive process, and we require advanced notice so that this work can be done efficiently. Due to overtime and rescheduling, requests received after the deadline are NOT covered under support contracts, and a surcharge will be applied.  

Employee Offboarding

We recognize the delicate nature of employee terminations and the frequency with which our team handles such matters. To ensure a seamless transition, we advise HR or management to initiate a ticket or reach out to Mr. Busch directly in advance. This proactive step will prepare our team to secure user accounts swiftly. Please be reminded that the offboarding process should commence no later than 60 minutes before the close of Busch Data's business hours. Offboarding requests for after-hours work will incur a minimum charge of one hour at an overtime rate

Immediate Reporting of Technical Difficulties and Support Needs

Promptly communicate any technical difficulties or support needs as soon as they emerge. Swift reporting aids in resolving problems, circumventing the possibility of escalated issues, the need for emergency support, or overtime. Delayed notifications may be subject to an extra surcharge for the increased resource allocation.

Last Minute Cancellation

Cancellations of onsite work within 2 hours of the scheduled start time will incur a charge. Due to the nature of our services, this time cannot easily be reallocated or resold, causing significant disruption to our operations. Therefore, a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the time originally booked will be applied. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Unprofessional Behaviour

Busch Data recognizes the challenges of the contemporary work environment and is committed to safeguarding the well-being of our employees by preventing exposure to unprofessional conduct. To enforce this, we have a strike system where a client's employee receiving two strikes within a year will be ineligible for regular support. Instead, they will be assigned a manager or company principal for support, charged at $250 per hour. This personalized intervention aims to rectify problematic behavior, foster growth, and maintain a professional and respectful workplace for all.

Staff Qualification and Consulting Rate Policy

As part of our professional agreement, we operate under the assumption that our clients will utilize qualified internal employees to perform their jobs or manage projects. This practice ensures a seamless collaboration and maximizes the efficiency of resources. However, should it become necessary for Busch Data to provide education or guidance to unqualified staff, we wish to clarify that such services fall under the purview of consulting. Consequently, we must bill for this time at our consulting rates rather than the standard time and materials rate. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding this policy.

Gatekeeper Services

Before engaging our services, we assume all tasks requested to be duly authorized within the client's chain of command. However, when we must obtain approval for a task not initially authorized, the time spent will be billed accordingly. This includes communication, negotiation, and all related activities to secure such approvals.

Shadow IT

Clients may operate their businesses as they choose, but all IT-related service changes or additions must be reported to us before activation. Engaging in Shadow IT risks security breaches, damages our reputation, and may expose us to legal liabilities. If a client or their employees are found to be using Shadow IT on three verified occasions, the account will be terminated. This policy safeguards against potential security and liability threats, preserving the integrity of your technology infrastructure. Please be aware that work originating from 'Shadow IT' is not included in our support contracts.

Catch-Up Fee

Inquiries that require our team to acquaint themselves with background information or catch up on developments in an ongoing situation will incur a "Catch-Up Fee." This fee compensates for the additional time and resources required to ensure our participation is informed and valuable. To minimize or avoid this fee, clients must provide comprehensive details upfront, ensuring a more efficient and cost-effective consultation process.

Company Policies (Client)

At Busch Data, we are committed to implementing and adhering to your company policies. We understand that there may be instances where our clients or their employees request actions or services that deviate from these policies. Please be aware that any communication, tasks, or work outside our standard policies will be considered additional services and billed as "Out of Scope." 

Standard Configurations and Associated Liabilities

Our standard system configurations are meticulously designed to safeguard our clients' infrastructure and ensure a uniform experience for both the client and Busch Data. While clients have the flexibility to deviate from our recommended tech stack or configurations, it's important to note that any labor required for the implementation or any challenges arising from such deviation will be billed on a time and material rate basis. Furthermore, any authorized change to our standard configurations absolves Busch Data of all related liabilities.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

At Busch Data, our commitment to serving as your Chief Technology Officer (CTO) includes a pivotal focus on security as a cornerstone of our partnership model. This approach necessitates treating us as integral to your executive decision-making landscape. For us to effectively safeguard your operations and deliver the comprehensive benefits our services are engineered to offer, all IT-related decisions within your organization must be made in strict coordination with us. Unilateral technology decisions by departments or individuals undermine our capacity to provide strategic direction and optimize IT investments and significantly compromise your business's security posture. Bypassing our coordinated approach strips away the essential safeguards we implement, exposing your operations to vulnerabilities and negating the security advantages our partnership is designed to establish. Thus, for the sake of robust security and strategic technological alignment, integrating our role as your CTO into your organizational decision-making processes is indispensable.


Project Scope vs. Support Plans

Support plans are designed for ongoing, routine IT support, not specific, one-off projects. Project-based work requires a distinct scope and is subject to separate invoicing.

Early Notification

We kindly request that Busch Data be informed of any forthcoming IT-related projects during your earliest planning phase to ensure optimal results. This allows our team adequate time to understand the project requirements and assign appropriate resources thoroughly. Please be aware that any requests for guidance or support initiated after a technology project's commencement will be considered consultation services and subject to our standard consulting rates.

Project Scheduling

All work must be scheduled 30 days in advance. This will allow our team to dedicate time and effort to deliver top-quality work.

Unscheduled Work (Parachute Projects)

Any unscheduled or parachute projects i.e., we weren't informed of early in the planning phase, will fall under the consulting services. These will be billed separately at our consulting rate of $300-$500 per hour.



Approved Hardware and Software

To ensure optimal system performance and security, all hardware and software procurements must be approved by Busch Data. For all prospective acquisitions of workstations, laptops, tablets, and large printers, you must send the make and model information to for review and approval before purchasing.

Though we strive to support a wide range of products, we must enforce this policy to guarantee proper system compatibility and maintain security protocols. Please note that unapproved hardware and software will result in support being provided on a time and materials basis, and all associated costs will be billed accordingly. In certain instances, a liability waiver may be requested before any support services are rendered.


We use Apple computers in our personal lives, but they are not for the non-creative workplace. Due to persistent compatibility issues and delayed security updates, Apple laptops and desktops are no longer supported. Support was extended for Apple devices already in service before 8/1/2022. All support for Apple desktops and laptops ended on 12/31/2023. For those opting to continue using macOS, we will do our best to assist at our time and materials rate; however, all work is provided as-is, and by choosing to use an unsupported system, you accept the associated risks.

Work From Home Support

We firmly state that support will solely be provided for equipment issued directly by the employer. Any other hardware will not be eligible for technical assistance.

WARNING REGARDING HOME INTERNET: Before seeking support, it is incumbent upon employees to ascertain that their home internet usage, outages, or home network equipment is not the root cause of any issues they encounter. Remote work requires ample bandwidth, a stable hard-wired internet connection, or a robust WiFi signal without interference.


When dealing with issues related to home networks, Busch Data will exercise a "best effort" policy. Busch Data WILL NOT work on any home network equipment beyond helping with restarting your router.

Should any issues be traced back to home equipment or internet-related problems, time and materials rates will be applied without exception. It is, therefore, your responsibility to maintain a working, efficient home network to prevent any avoidable service charges or interruptions in your work.

Firewalls and Backup Appliances

All firewalls and Axcient backup appliances are the property of Busch Data. Busch Data hardware is NOT for sale and must be returned when services are terminated. Clients are responsible for the total replacement value if lost or damaged.

24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

WARNING: Please be advised that the Security Operations Center (SOC) coverage provision is explicitly contingent upon a current Managed Security contract. No exceptions will be made to this rule under any circumstances. SOC coverage will be unequivocally unavailable if your organization does not have an actively Managed Security contract. 

Account Closure Policy for Clients Selling Their Business

Busch Data has implemented a policy whereby the accounts of clients selling their businesses will be closed upon the completion of the sale and the close of escrow. This measure, while not punitive, is taken to mitigate risks and maintain the quality of our services, drawing from our history of challenges during the value extraction phase post-sale. Clients must inform us of their business sale plans, ensuring a smooth and transparent transition process. This policy is essential for upholding the integrity of our service offerings and aligning with our commitment to delivering consistent, high-quality support to all clients.

Updated 1/24/2024 

We Integrate With Your Company Culture

Company culture is paramount for a company to thrive. We do not use the term "outsource" at Busch Data. Our staff will immerse themselves into your culture and be a part of your team.

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